Like you, we only want the best for ourselves and our animals.
Our range of New Zealand Made all natural products looks after the skin and coats of dogs, horses and loads of other pets around the world. Full of good natural stuff, our range of Soaps, 100% Natural Spritzers, Shampoos and Paw Balm helps fight itching, deters nasties like fleas and ticks; battles fungal infections; whitens whites and leaves a show quality shine. Naturally (of course)!
Nature is a powerful force and has already created the finest ingredients so you won’t find any synthetic nasties like parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances or colours in our range. Our ingredients are spray-free or organic and all our products are cruelty free.
Being sustainable and ethical aren’t just trendy terms at WashBar. To us, they are a way of life.

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How often should I wash my dog?

A great question – we’re glad you asked! While we wouldn’t recommend daily washing, for active dogs who get dirty while adventuring, a weekly bath is just fine. A dog that doesn’t spend as much time in the great outdoors might only need a bath once a month. Just make sure you use a product developed specifically for dogs and is gentle on the skin. And dogs that experience allergies can find relief from itching from more regular washing with specially formulated soaps or shampoos.

Can I use human shampoo on my dog?

Did you know dog skin has a different pH to humans? Dog skin pH is usually between 6.5-7.5, while human skin is usually between 4.7-5.7. So human skin is mildly acidic, while dog skin is closer to neutral. For this reason you should use a product that has been specifically made for dogs, as human products could easily irritate your dog’s skin.

What ingredients are used in pet soap & shampoo?

A good question! Did you know that animal grooming product ingredients are not required to be listed on the label? So unscrupulous companies can use a lot of extra unnecessary ingredients without declaration, most of which are unlikely to be good for your dog’s skin and coat. When you choose a soap or shampoo for your pet, have a quick look at the listed ingredients. If they are detailed, you’re probably dealing with an ethical company who cares about your pet. Even better if you recognise the listed ingredient names, it’s probably a good choice. If no ingredients are listed, maybe think again about which product to choose.