Like you, we only want the best for ourselves and our animals.
Our range of New Zealand Made all natural products looks after the skin and coats of dogs, horses and loads of other pets around the world. Full of good natural stuff, our range of Soaps, 100% Natural Spritzers, Shampoos and Paw Balm helps fight itching, deters nasties like fleas and ticks; battles fungal infections; whitens whites and leaves a show quality shine. Naturally (of course)!
Nature is a powerful force and has already created the finest ingredients so you won’t find any synthetic nasties like parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances or colours in our range. Our ingredients are spray-free or organic and all our products are cruelty free.
Being sustainable and ethical aren’t just trendy terms at WashBar. To us, they are a way of life.

where to buy WashBar

Hunting for the best for your pet?

where to buy WashBar Washbar Natural Dog Shampoo

New Zealand

In New Zealand you’ll find us in any good pet, vet, farm supply or saddlery store.

If in doubt, contact us with where you are and we’ll let you know where you can get your WashBar fix.

where to buy WashBar Washbar Natural Dog Shampoo


Our Resellers & Distributors

In New Zealand we’re distributed into the Pet & Vet channel by Kong’s NZ Ltd. If you’d like to stock WashBar please call them on 07 571 2188.

We also have a specialist veterinary distributor for NZ  – contact SVS Veterinary Supplies, phone 0800 808 387.

In Australia we’re distributed by Kong’s (Aust.) Pty Ltd. If you’d like to stock WashBar please contact them directly.

If you are overseas and would like to stock WashBar, please contact us and we’ll put you in touch with our distributor in your country.

Become a Stockist

WashBar is always keen to talk to stores interested in stocking our range of awesome (if we do say so ourselves) products.

  • Our products come in eye-catching compact point-of-sale displays.
  • Retail stands are available for selected retailers.
  • The fresh lemon scent of our bar products draw customers in.
  • We provide regular marketing and sales updates and collateral to support our retailers and distributors.